Edith and Moth Flight. Emmet Gowin, 2002 (via V&A)


Edith and Moth Flight. Emmet Gowin, 2002 (via V&A)

That which survives. 

That which survives. 

Sappho, “Untitled”

I could not hope
to touch the sky
with my two arms

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i mean. 

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Pina Bausch

Her work comes to BAM in October. One reason I am looking forward to fall (beyond the obvious fall things such as coziness and sweaters). 

Marine Girls - In Love/Honey

"No foodstuff will ever rival the hot dog in either portability nor potential for self-expression, those two categories being of supreme weight in selecting The World’s Most Perfect Food. The hot dog is the Walt Whitman of street food: it contains multitudes. It is patriotic and also erotic, transgressive yet wholesome. The casing of even a half-decent all beef dog will snap when bitten, opening onto a mauve core glistening with liquid fat. Yet the hot dog bestows upon its wielder, like Neddy Merrill smacking the bronze backside of Aphrodite, an air of ‘youth, sport, and clement weather.’"

A woman after my own heart, Claire Vaye Watkins in Granta

une mélange de plage (and things found)

remember when all humans made things? i’m in serious awe of this girl. her blog is filled with amazing creations and handcrafted items that i would only ever know to buy in a store. 

"It is still summer, but the summer is no longer alive. It has come to a standstill; nothing withers, and fall is not ready to begin. There are no stars yet, just darkness."

Tove Jansson, The Summer Book